Python training UGA 2017

A training to acquire strong basis in Python to use it efficiently

Pierre Augier (LEGI), Cyrille Bonamy (LEGI), Eric Maldonado (Irstea), Franck Thollard (ISTerre), Christophe Picard (LJK), Loïc Huder (ISTerre)

Table of contents

Day 1

  • Introduction first steps
  • Introduction language Python
  • Basic statements
  • Functions
  • Read / write files
  • Practical work 0

Day 2

  • Import statement and the standard library
  • Data structures
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Practical work 1 (import, data structures and OOP)

Day 3

  • Python environments
  • Introduction to Numpy and Matplotlib
  • Practical work 2 (Image processing with numpy & matplotlib, argparse, simple testing and packaging)
  • Documentations and applications